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Fibre Craft Tray


Fibre Craft Tray

1U Pivoting Optical Sub-Rack

The 1U Fibre Craft Tray is a pivoting optical sub-rack for front or rear 19" and ETSI racks (other rack types can be catered for by request). It takes various connector types via interchangeable bulkheads, including LC, SC, E-2000, FC and ST. It is particularly suited for restricted rack space applications, whilst providing many of the fibre management features found in our Optical Distribution Frames.

  • Front or rear mountable in 19" or ETSI racks
  • Large Adaptor mounting field for various connector types, including LC up to 48 fibre and SC, E-2000, FC and ST (up to 24 fibre)
  • Stackable, hinged splicing cassette trays (maximum 3) each with a 12 fibre splice capacity, manufactured using UL94-V0 rated CYCOLAC® VW300 ABS thermoplastic fire resistant resin and supplied with a plastic cover on top tray
  • Integrated rear and front mounting points for 10mm diameter copex tubing
  • Mounting points for Cable Breakout Unit or cable
  • Options for mounting loose tube or tight buffered pre-terminated cables
  • Protected tubing for on-tray fibre routing
  • Bend radius managed patch cord routing through a front concealed routing channel
  • Generous rear side and vertical access slots
  • Solid steel lid protecting pigtails and splicing zones
  • Reverse style tray also available where patch leads are routed right to left
  • Splitters and ribbon fibre splicing can be accommodated
  • Patching only options for hydras and preterminated cabling solutions
  • Fits most standard racks. Modifications for non-standard rack applications on request
  • Shallow 220mm depth means they can be used in where space is limited or back-to-back cross-connect racks
  • Connector types can be mixed to suit application, fibre type and for non-standard and legacy interconnects in a single platform
  • Splice tray designed to control bend radius while ensuring ease of access for splicing
  • Somple, practical, secure and highly flexible cable breakout and routing from rear to front of panel
  • Integrates with Cable Breakout Units or can be used with various cable ficing solutions to suit the application
  • Highly flexible crush resistant tubing protects fibres when being routed within tray
  • Secure, bend radius managed patch cord routing with large labelling field for port identification
  • Side access slot ensures patch cords are kept tidy and enter side containment without protruding in front of panel
  • Vertical access slot means patching can be routed up or down the rack within a 19" footprint, reducing space and eliminating the need for side containment

Part Number



Craft Tray c/w 24 x LC/PC Pigtails and Adaptors


Craft Tray c/w 24 x SC/PC Pigtails and Adaptors


Craft Tray c/w 24x E2000/PC Pigtails and Adaptors


48 Fibre (2 tray module) c/w 48 x SC/APC Pigtails and Adaptors


Standard Installtion Kits Include

  • 12 way splice cassette (up to 3 including 1 lid)
  • 24 x 45mm splice protectors (60mm available on request)
  • Cable ties, saddle clips, laser warning label
  • Cage nuts and fixings

Part Number



4 Way Cable Breakout Unit (c/w copex tubing)


8 Way Cable Breakout Unit (c/w copex tubing)


12 Way Cable Breakout Unit (c/w copex tubing)


16 Way Cable Breakout Unit (c/w copex tubing)


24 Way Cable Breakout Unit (c/w copex tubing)


Rear Copex Mounting Clip


Rear Copex Mounting Cage


Copex Tubing (per metre)

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