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Rear Mount Patch Panel


Rear Mount Patch Panel

1U Pivoting Optical Sub-Rack

The 1U Rear Mount Patch Panel utilises a pivoting tray design and is ideally suited for 19" or ETSI racks (other rack types can be catered for by request). It requires rear or front mounting back plates. When used in multiple units and with optional patch cord mandrels fitted to one side side of the trays, and mounted on various 4U or 6U rear or front mounting back plates, it forms part of the Optical Distribution Frame system. It takes various connector types via interchangeable bulkheads, including LC, SC, E-2000, FC ad ST.

  • Mountable in 19" and ETSI racks for use in either 600mm or 900mm wide Optical Distribution Frame systems
  • Large adaptor mounting field for various connector types, including LC (up to 48 fibre) and SC, E-2000, FC and ST (up to 24 fibre)
  • Integrated rear and front mounting points for 10mm diameter copex tubing
  • Stackable, hinged splicing cassette trays (maximum 3) each with a 12 fibre splice capacity, manufactured using UL94-V0 rated CYCOLAC® VW300 ABS thermoplastic fire resistant resin and supplied with a plastic cover on top tray
  • Protected for on-tray fibre routing
  • Patch cords are routed left to right through a front concealed routing channel
  • Mounting points for optional C-clips for dressing patch cords into side cable routing system
  • Solid steel lid protecting pigtails and splicing zones
  • Reverse style tray also available where patch leads are routed right to left
  • Splitters and ribbon fibre splicing can be acommodated
  • Patching only options for hydras and preterminated cabling solutions
  • Multiple 1U modules can be mounted to standard 4-Way and 6-Way back plates to form Optical Distribution Frames. Fits most standard 600mm or 900mm wide racks. Modifications for non-standard rack applications on request.
  • Shallow 220mm depth means they can be used where space is limited or back-to-back cross-connect racks
  • Connector types to suit application. Fibre types and non-standard interconnects can be varied on a single platform
  • Integrates with Cable Breakout Units or can be used with various cable fixing solutions to suit the application
  • Simple, practical, secure and highly flexible routing from rear to front panel
  • Crush resistant tubing protects fibres when being routed within tray
  • Splice tray designed to control bend radius while ensuring ease of access for splicing
  • Secure, bend radius managed patch cord routing wihtout protrufing in front of panel with large labelling field for port identification
  • Can be combined with mandrels mounted to the side to dress patch cords and provide cable management

Part Number



Rear Mount c/w 24 x SC/APC Pigtails and Adaptors


Rear Mount c/w 24 x SC/PC Pigtails and Adaptors


Rear Mount c/w 24 x LC/PC Pigtails and Adaptors


Rear Mount c/w 16 x FC/PC Pigtails and Adaptors


Standard Installtion Kits Include

  • 12 way splice cassette (up to 3 including 1 lid)
  • 24 x 45mm splice protectors (60mm available on request)
  • Cable ties, saddle clips, laser warning label
  • Cage nuts and fixings

Part Number



4 Way Cable Breakout Unit (c/w copex tubing)


8 Way Cable Breakout Unit (c/w copex tubing)


12 Way Cable Breakout Unit (c/w copex tubing)


16 Way Cable Breakout Unit (c/w copex tubing)


24 Way Cable Breakout Unit (c/w copex tubing)


Rear Copex Mounting Clip


Rear Copex Mounting Cage


Copex Tubing (per metre)


4-Way Rear Mounting Back Plate


6-Way Rear Mounting Back Plate


4-Way Front Mounting Back Plate


6-Way Front Mounting Back Plate

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