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FastFibre 1U 19″ Sliding Patch Panel


FastFibre 1U 19" Sliding Patch Panel

1U 19" sliding patch panel complete with your choice of adaptor and a simple splice management kit. The tray is locked in place by two, simple to operate plastic latches. When fully extended the tray is designed to lower 45º, or by moving the tray to the side. It will lock to a shallower 10º. This provides the perfect working platform for simple installation and provides easy maintenance and access even after the panel has been installed in the rack.

  • Up to 96 fibres in 1U if using and LC quad adaptor
  • Multiple splice tray options
  • 30mm minmum bend radius maintained throughout
  • 10º inspection and 45º open working angles
  • Adjustable mounting arms
  • Individually labelled ports and panel identification fields
  • Recessed adaptors to maximise front of panel clearance for patching
  • Rear cable entry options
  • High quality finish, no sharp edges

16 Position ST/FC 1U Sliding Patch Panel - Black

24 Position ST/FC 1U Sliding Ptach Panel - Black

24 Position SC/LC/E2000 1U Sliding Patch Panel - Black

12 Position SC Duplex 1U Sliding Patch Panel - Black

24 Position SC Duplex 1U Sliding Patch Panel - Black

Sliding Patch Panels


(H) 1U (44.4mm) (W) 482 (D) 205mm

 Net Weight


 Packaged Weight


Package Dimensions

(H) 55mm x (W) 530mm x (D) 260mm

Adaptor Types

SC Simplex (24 port) & SC Duplex (12/24 port)

ST (16/24 port)


FC (16/24 port)

E2000 (24 port)

 LC Duplex (24 port)

Rear Slotted Cable Entry Points

2 @ 20mm & 2 @ 25mm

Adjustable mounting range






Material Coating

Powder Coating

Operating Temperature

 -40ºC to +60ºC


Reach/SVHC, RoHS


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